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Crystals for sleeping

Crystals For Sleeping

by Freya Branwyn April 06, 2024 13 min read

Crystals For Sleeping Having trouble drifting off to sleep at night? Consider using crystals for sleeping.
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Raw Howlite

Raw Howlite Therapeutic

by Freya Branwyn August 04, 2023 7 min read

Raw Howlite Therapeutic Potential Introduction Welcome to the enchanting world of raw howlite healing! Raw howlite, with its mesmerizing beauty and profound energetic properties, has captured the attention of crystal enthusiast.
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Raw Rose Quartz: The Beauty

Raw Rose Quartz: The Beauty

by Freya Branwyn July 30, 2023 6 min read

Raw Rose Quartz: The Beauty and Power Raw rose quartz is a variety of the mineral quartz that has a pink to reddish-pink hue. It gets its color from the presence of titanium, iron, and manganese in the crystal structure.
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Boho turquoise jewelry

Boho Turquoise Jewelry: Bold & Beauty

by Freya Branwyn June 04, 2023 10 min read

Boho turquoise jewelry is a gemstone cherished for its beauty and spiritual importance, has a rich history spanning thousands of years. Its name derives from the French word for Turkish, reflecting its origin in Turkey before being introduced to Europe. Various cultures have adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry throughout history.

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Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster Tranquil Power for Peace

by Freya Branwyn May 25, 2023 7 min read

Amethyst cluster popularity stems from its remarkable properties, promoting relaxation and tranquility. It possesses both physical and metaphysical benefits, making it ideal for meditation and spiritual practices. Physically, amethyst eases insomnia, reduces stress, relieves pain, and boosts the immune system.
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Yellow Agate Mystique Meaning

Yellow Agate Mystique Meaning

by Freya Branwyn May 24, 2023 3 min read

Yellow Agate carries a powerful energy and vibration that can positively impact your spiritual well-being. It aligns with specific chakras within the body, helping to restore balance and harmony. Embracing Yellow Agate can bring forth a multitude of benefits, from enhancing your energy flow to promoting healing and spiritual growth.
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Freya Branwyn Blog Gemstones vs Crystals - What’s the difference.jpg

Gemstones vs Crystals - What’s the difference?

by Dream Media Collaborator August 19, 2019 3 min read

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Freya Branwyn, is what exactly is the difference between a gemstone and a crystal?

We will try to keep the science simple, so read on to unearth exactly what separates a gemstone from a crystal.

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