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by Freya Branwyn October 06, 2018

Natural gemstones are often given names enriched with meaning, providing an insight into the cultures that discovered them and how they gain their unique colours.

What’s in a name? - with gemstones, it is an education in history or geography.

As many of the stones date back to early centuries there is often an interesting story behind every name, and as we believe in knowing where things come from, we thought we’d share with you the meanings behind the names of our gemstones.

Afterall, when you know the history of something it often holds more meaning than it’s physical beauty.


With a rough jagged shape and a flint-like appearance, the term Thunderstone given to these striking gems dates back to the days of folklore.

Across Africa, Asia and India arrowheads that had been used in tribal battles would be unearthed by ploughs. They were given the name ‘Thunderstones’ as they were considered to have fallen from the sky as thunderbolts.

Even centuries later in Scandinavia, ‘Thunderstones’ were worshipped as gods who could ward off spells and witchcraft.

Their popularity continued across Europe, with those in Switzerland striking their homes with the stones to deter lightning from striking, and those in Italy giving them to children to protect them from illness.

No matter the region these gemstones were seen as ‘Godly’ and worshipped for their spiritual powers.

Tiger’s Eye

With a mesmerising duo-chrome effect, Tiger’s eye is a semi-precious gemstone from the metamorphic rock family.

Transforming its colour under different lights, it has a unique glow which makes it feel alive.

While it can now be found across the globe in many countries, the name is believed to originate from Africa, which is where its association with a Tiger’s eye began.

In many parts of the world, Tiger’s Eye is popular as a protective stone and is said to ward off the evil eye.

Ocean Jasper

Varying in colour and with a speckled appearance, Ocean Jasper, or Sea Jasper as it is also referenced is a stone steeped in mystery.

The name given to this gem is due to the belief that it originates from the ancient city of Atlantis.

Many of the stones are rare collectables, and there no two stones that appear the same, making the gem something truly unique to behold.

While many of the stones are sourced in Madagascar, crystal healers have long believed that Ocean Jasper are healing stones that can help encourage the feeling of joy. Helping you to release negative feelings and make you feel more optimistic.



This eye-catching blue-green gemstone originates from the Amazon River, hence its geographically influenced name.

While Amazonite is no longer primarily sourced from the Amazon, the lush green of the stone truly reflects the foliage of the Amazon.

The dazzling emerald colour that is often associated with this gemstone is created from a magical combination of lead and water within a feldspar structure.

Within the tribal world, Amazonite is still used as an anti-anxiety medication as it represents the heart chakra.


Black, or sometimes white and pink in colour, the gemstone Onyx gained its name from the Greek onyx, which means ‘claw, fingernail’. This is due to the common pink variation often resembling a fingernail.

Due to its natural formation of oxide minerals, Oynx can be found in many other colours, however, most commonly you will see it with elements of black or white.

Historically, Oynx has a long history, dating back to the Greek and Roman times. Egyptians even used the precious stone to make pottery, while the Brazilian green Onyx, was often used in art.


What are your thoughts on gemstone names? We would love to hear them! ♡

Freya Branwyn
Freya Branwyn

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