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by Freya Branwyn August 10, 2018



With its unique spectrum of colours and mesmerizing appearance, Ocean Jasper is a mysterious gemstone that originates from Madagascar.

However, when it comes to healing properties, the Ocean Jasper is said to be a stone of joy and mindful expansion and has been linked with encouraging deep relaxation.

If stress appears to be your pain trigger at the moment, using Ocean Jasper in a meditation ritual by placing the stone over your solar plexus chakra can help to soothe your energy and help you to feel more open and balanced.

You could also wear it during stressful days with our bold Azure Bracelet. No matter the overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety, this is definitely a  gemstone that should be placed in your well being first aid kit.




A delicate pink gemstone, Rose Quartz is the stone to have by your side when
heartbreak happens. But this beautiful stone is not exclusive to those fixing a broken heart. 

As our anxieties or worries can often be entangled in romantic relationships both past and present, Rose Quartz can help to heal those unresolved problems.

Whether you’re going through some self-confidence issues and spiraling into self-loathing tendencies, or even if you’ve noticed that your outlook on love has become quite negative, Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and will help to heal the energy that resides in the heart.  From encouraging forgiveness with yourself or others, it’s a feel-good gemstone that will nurture you back to feeling your goddess self.


A dazzling natural gemstone, Amazonite calls on its Amazonian heritage to provide the wearer with soothing energy.

As a powerful heart chakra stone, Amazonite is known to support the release of toxic emotions such as stress, and ease the feelings of anxiety.

If you’re struggling with emotions, lay down and meditate with the Amazonite stone placed over your heart. Lay there and just imagine yourself floating down a tranquil river in the lush Amazon forest. This soothing practice will soon have you feeling calmer and more at peace.To help you continue feeling zen during your days, pop on our Amazonite Necklace. 




Known for its vibrant yellow and sometimes amber tones, Citrine is the gemstone you need by your side if you want to feel like Beyonce and take over the world.

Said to bring an abundance of happiness to the wearer, Citrine can alleviate you from those dog-days where everything feels like hard work.

Instead, as a motivational crystal, Citrine will empower you to find your energy and remove any negativity that is plaguing your mind.

If you want to live in the now, manifest your dreams and remain positive on life’s journey add this to your morning meditation ritual, or simply place a stone beside you while you work.




With a history that dates back to 4000 BC, this stone has made history by being embed into many cultures across the world due to its healing properties.

Most well-known within the Asian empires, Jade is a powerful healing stone that contributes to mental clarity and emotional calm. In fact, within ancient China Jade was prized for its beauty and emotional powers.

Those that adorn themselves in Jade will feel more open to new ideas, which spurs creativity and positive thinking. Something which can truly help you if you’re feeling in a creative rut.




As one of the most popular healing gemstones, Amethyst is a purple beauty that is often seen in holistic healing environments. This is due to its ability to rebalance the chakras.

When many people attend a healer or take part in a holistic therapy, Amethyst is used to regain the peace. With particular focus put on the upper chakras including the third eye and the crown.

As we are in constant contact with others who can impact our emotions and feelings, this gemstone is best worn to support you in removing any negative energy that you may come into contact with.

With its calming aura, Amethyst is a must-have gemstone if you’re currently battling anxiety or overcoming trauma.



With vibrant bands of yellow through an ochre shimmer, this natural stone is not only a beauty to behold, but provides you with an inner confidence that radiates as much as it radiates the light within the stone itself.

If you’ve been experiencing confrontation or an unexpected amount of negative energy that you simply cannot shrug off, this stone can enable you to alter your perspective and find your inner strength.  

When your confidence has taken a bruise and you need to find your inner self-belief, this stone will stimulate you to take action and let go of the energy that is holding you back.

Freya Branwyn
Freya Branwyn

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