Free Spirit Mala Necklace


‘‘Wild spirit, soft heart, sweet soul”

Positive affirmation: I am free

With the purchase of this mala, you will receive a printed scroll with the description of the stones and the affirmation 'I am free'. As a reminder that you are unique and you are enough.

Carnelian: is a grounding stone that is known to energise and revitalise body and mind. A stone that brings happiness, creating emotional balance. It helps to focus the mind and aid in the decision-making. It increases motivation, brings courage and stimulates creativity making it the perfect companion for your life's journey. 

Rose Quartz: The stone of universal unconditional love, including self-love and mother’s love. This stone purifies and opens the heart creating space for self- acceptance and the reassuring calm that comes alongside this.

Malachite: Powerful Protection Aids Imagination, Intuition & Creativity. Its action to protect you from negative energies is one of its most powerful attributes, as it creates a strong barrier around you energetically. It aids creativity, enhances the development of your intuition aiding you to make changes in your life where required

Sandalwood: Celebrated as the perfect meditation tool for thousands of years. It is widely believe that sandalwood scent can stimulate sensuality, grant a sense of awareness, invoke tranquillity and awaken divine thoughts within and promote profound relaxation.

Guru bead is orange carnelian and finished with a silk orange tassel to represent zest for life.

Hand knotted, handmade and designed with love.

Size & Fit

108 Beads - 6mm including a signature engraved 8mm bead
Guru Bead - 12-14mm
Antique bronze spacers
Hangs 50 cm. Length is approximate as each piece of jewelry is unique.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer*

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